Post-00s college students often view other countries with a “condescending” attitude

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At the 5th Annual Conference of Political Science and International Relations Teaching Community, Yan Xuetong, dean of the Institute of International Relations of Tsinghua University and senior professor of liberal arts of Tsinghua University, delivered a keynote report entitled “How to Teach International Relations courses for post-00s College Students”.Professor Yan’s presentation is divided into four parts.First of all, Professor Yan believes that the difference between generations is quite obvious. The current undergraduate students are almost all born after 2000, and they have unique ideas, aesthetic standards and values.In addition, living in the digital age, post-00s students are more capable of acquiring and mastering information and knowledge, which requires teachers to change their original teaching concepts, adjust teaching content, and communicate with students with an open mind.Secondly, Yan summarizes the characteristics of post-00s students’ understanding of the world and puts forward relevant teaching suggestions accordingly.According to Yan, post-00s college students tend to have a strong sense of superiority and self-confidence, often view other countries with a “condescending” mentality, view international affairs with a “wish mentality” and believe that China can easily achieve its foreign policy goals.They often see the world in the Chinese and foreign two way, will other countries outside of China as the same country, the peace, morality, fairness, justice and other human universal values as a unique traditional Chinese, and believe that only China is justice and innocent, other countries, especially in western countries is “evil”, westerners have a natural hatred for China.In addition, influenced by the Internet, college students of the post-00s take the views of Internet celebrities as common sense, such as economic determinism, conspiracy theories and weapons of debt.In this regard, Professor Yan suggests that when teaching international relations courses to post-00s college students: First, impart knowledge based on current events so that students can understand the objective facts and avoid blind confidence;Second, historical comparison, so that students understand the difference between the present and the past, realize the historical development of the curve;The third is to help students understand the diversity of the world and avoid the epistemology of Chinese and foreign.Fourth, to help students define concepts, establish common standards and definitions, improve the interest and quality of students to participate in the discussion;Fifth, the use of mind mapping, enhance the logical and critical thinking ability of students, reduce the influence of Internet celebrities;Sixth, introduce new ideas or new things in the digital age, take the network life as an example to help students understand the characteristics of the digital age.Thirdly, regarding online teaching under the current epidemic, Professor Yan believes that online teaching needs to keep students online and focused on classroom teaching.Under normal circumstances, the online teaching capacity is less than 30 people, the teacher had better require all students to open the video, students should read the teaching material in advance to understand the teaching content.In addition, teachers should also pay attention to appropriately reduce the teaching content, keep students’ attention in the way of dialogue teaching, teaching PPT should also be more graphic for students to understand.Finally, professor yan again to summarize and emphasize the teachers in teaching should pay attention to some aspects, such as teacher’s teaching should be combined with old and new versions of the teaching material, classroom talk more questions from the students improve students use knowledge to understand international relations and the ability to know the real world, pay attention to cultivate and improve students’ ability of independent thinking.Vertical observation of China’s history, understanding China’s complexity, horizontal comparison of the outside world, see the diversity of the world.At the same time, students should be able to distinguish academic and network viewpoints and understand the scientific knowledge of international relations.This article is compiled from guoxin Youth, Peking University Liberal Arts forum.Original title: post-00s College students Often View Other countries with a “Condescending” Attitude