“Parent-child tour” with hot cultural expo tour!Tourists flock to Jinan museum during the Spring Festival holiday

2022-04-29 0 By

Qilu Evening News · Qilu One point trainee reporter Li Mengyao This Spring Festival holiday, visiting museums has become a new fashion for Jinan citizens to travel during the Spring Festival.Qilu Evening News · Qilu Yipoint reporter learned that shandong Museum has become a “cultural check-in place” that many tourists must go to during the holiday after it was officially opened on the third day of the Chinese New Year.”Before the Spring Festival, I learned that there was a dinosaur exhibition in the museum. I didn’t have time to come on weekdays. Before the end of the holiday, I hurried to take my children to visit.”On the morning of February 8, citizen Sui took her 6-year-old son to visit the exhibition “Shandong Dragon — Through the Cretaceous” in shandong Museum.Shandong museum website information display, to welcome the New Year, shandong museum launched a special “moments of thousand years — oracle culture exhibition” exhibition of fine jade jade embellish bear – collection of two high-quality goods exhibition, as well as “shandong dragon – cretaceous” through “crystal color — in the magic of the mineral world” fantasy cool nature in two kind of exhibition, attracted many tourists to visit.At 10 am on The 8th, there was already a queue nearly 100 meters long at the gate of shandong Museum.”Rather than being exhausted from running around, it’s better to bring your children to the exhibition, which not only broadens your horizon but also teaches you a lot of knowledge beyond the books.””Said a parent who came to the exhibition with her children.In the Shandong Museum, the reporter observed that most of the visitors were “family Tours” and young tourists, and many children left commemorative photos in front of the giant dinosaur.”Very shocked, I want to come back later!”A child after visiting excitedly said.In addition to shandong Museum, Jinan Museum, Jinan Cultural Museum, Jinan Art Museum also launched cultural exhibitions with their own characteristics during the Spring Festival, calligraphy and painting exhibition, intangible cultural heritage exhibition, folk art exhibition is also welcomed by many tourists…A cultural feast let the citizens of Quancheng and tourists from all over the city fully feel the unique charm of Qilu culture.In recent years, Ji ‘nan cultural tourism is more and more popular, has become a provincial tourists to play will go to one of the punch card.Many cultural and exhibition tourism have paid more attention to the introduction of adventure and curiosity, in the construction of the theme, the construction of the scene of innovation, in the display of knowledge, education, authenticity and fun has played a very good effect.In Shandong Museum, “Crystal · Color — Exploration of the magical Mineral World” and “Shandong Dragon — Through the Cretaceous” exhibition before the largest number of visitors, walking into the exhibition hall, gives a great visual impact, as if you are in the scene.According to the staff of the exhibition, the exhibition combines naked eye 3D, VR, scientific painting, small live models and other means to create an immersive experience for visitors.In the exhibition hall “Shandong Dragon — Through the Cretaceous period”, many children are all eyes in front of the electronic screen “interaction” with dinosaurs, vivid animation and small games, introduce more details about shandong dinosaurs, education and fun.Mr. Wang is a senior cultural relic lover.”I used to visit museums mainly to visit, but now I visit museums to set up scenes with different themes. I also introduce many technological means. Through screen interaction, I can not only see cultural relics with my own eyes, but also listen to the explanation, so as to fully understand the historical context of cultural relics and learn more knowledge.”Mr. Wang believes that the educational significance of modern museums is greater, because when cultural relics are attached to the “wings” of science and technology, they bring unprecedented interaction and experience, breaking the limitations of physical museums and greatly extending the concept of museum space.