One of the black boxes of the Crashed China Eastern Airlines plane has been found, and parts of the plane and human remains have been found at the rescue site

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Civil aviation accident investigation center announced on 23, 23 at 16:00, in New Right South town New right village in Guangxi Tengxian county, new right village crash site, search and rescue personnel found a black box of MU5735 flight.In the afternoon, more than 300 firefighters and rescue workers mainly searched the forest area to the east of the accident area, zheng Xi, head of guangxi Fire and rescue Corps, said at the third press conference of the National Emergency response Headquarters of China Eastern Airlines Flight accident on March 21.As of 19:00, the fire and rescue personnel searched a total area of 46,000 square meters, found some plane wreckage and body wreckage, has been handed over to the investigation team.Reporters at the scene of the search saw several workers in orange jackets observing the black box, which had just been found, after taking photos, put it in a bag and put it in a plastic box.MAO Yanfeng, director of the Civil Aviation Accident Investigation Center, made the announcement at around 17:00 at the second press conference of the National Emergency Response Headquarters of China Eastern Airlines Flight Accident on March 21.Mao Yanfeng said, because the accident situation is rare, air traffic control radar shows that the plane is in cruise phase sudden drop height, and decrease rate is very big, “we want to be able to find as soon as possible on the two black boxes, sent to professional lab for decoding, the comb to our accident chain, reduction and analysis the cause of the accident is very important.”Reporters at the scene of the plane crash to see, due to continuous rain, the scene muddy, search and rescue personnel with tools to search.At present, headquarters is organizing strength to search for another black box.On The afternoon of October 23, search and rescue personnel have used specialized equipment to explore the area below the ground of the accident site, and will expand the search radius around the main impact site to conduct a dragnet search.It is reported that the crash plane is equipped with two flight recorders, including the flight data recorder installed in the tail of the passenger cabin, recording about 25 hours, recording parameters about 1000;The cockpit voice recorder is mounted at the rear of the cargo bay and can record four channels of sound for two to three hours.Zhu Tao, director of the aviation safety Office of the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC), said at a press conference on Monday night that the black box, which was found on The same day, was severely damaged and initially identified as a cockpit voice recorder.What was the situation before the crash of China Eastern Flight MU5735?The second press conference of China Eastern Airlines Flight Accident National Emergency Response Headquarters was held in Wuzhou, South China’s Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, March 23, 2019.How was the airworthiness of China Eastern Airlines Flight MU5735 before the crash?What about the pilot?What’s the weather like?How is the communication going?The reporter combed.What was the maintenance and airworthiness of the aircraft before the crash?Sun Shiying, chairman and party secretary of Cea Yunnan Co LTD, said at the press conference that the aircraft was introduced on June 22, 2015, and the maintenance of the aircraft has been carried out in strict accordance with the maintenance technical plan, and the technical situation is stable and normal.Before take-off, the aircraft shall meet the maintenance release standards and airworthiness requirements and be released normally.What are the qualifications and flight records of the pilots?According to Sun Shiying, the flight crew, the flight crew 3 people, 1 captain, 2 co-pilots.The captain was hired as B737 captain in January 2018 and has a total flight experience of 6,709 hours.The first officer’s total flight experience was 31,769 hours.The second officer’s total flight time was 556 hours.The three pilots’ flight licenses and health certificates are within the validity period. They are in good health, have complete flight experience and meet the requirements.”From what we know so far, the pilots are doing well and their families are stable.”Sun shi-ying said.What was the weather like at the time of the crash?MAO Yanfeng, director of the Civil Aviation Accident Investigation Center, said at a press conference that the weather on the route at the time of the crash was seaworthy and there was no danger.How did the pilot communicate with the ground before the crash?According to MAO yanfeng, according to the air-to-ground call records between the aircrew and the air traffic control unit, the plane had maintained normal communication with the air traffic control unit since it took off from Kunming until it suddenly dropped altitude on the air route.According to the Xinhua News Agency