Can eat garlic together, are excellent shaanxi friendship

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How to distinguish between Shaanxi people and outsiders?You simply ask, “What’s for dinner?”The person who answered “noodles” must be from Shaanxi.And how to find out the most authentic Shaanxi people in the crowd?Again, the method is simple.Add “What should I eat noodles with?”I believe that every authentic old Shaanxi will give the same answer – garlic.In Shaanxi, garlic is definitely an indispensable part of the dinner table.Eat meat noodles, garlic cloves, noodles rice skin, to mix garlic.”Eating garlic” this matter, through the history, life and social life of Shaanxi people, for “eating garlic”, every Shaanxi people show a hundred and twenty enthusiasm and serious.How much do people in Shaanxi love garlic?Today, fast and MAO MAO approached the 800 miles of Qinchuan, together to explore it!Garlic, the essence of shaanxi flavor.For Shaanxi people, people can be seen, but garlic cannot be eaten.Garlic moss, garlic seedlings, garlic water, sugar garlic, Laba garlic, garlic chili, noodles, vegetables, soup, mo should be put.For eating garlic this matter, Shaanxi people really is the whole clearly.Garlic, a special food with a long history, is indispensable to the life of shaanxi people.As a major garlic producing area, Shaanxi has also won the reputation of “Tang Garlic and Mingjiao” and “Garlic Hometown”.So, next time you meet shaanxi friends, please kindly greet him 1, today, you eat garlic?Planning | design | SherryN surface by two business cooperation please add: xzk96818 please indicate line 9 + cooperation Other cooperation and to apply to join tour club please seduce travellerstories old artist