Biden stumbles, Iran flexes muscles, Middle East seeks new balance, China is the power to be trusted

2022-04-29 0 By

Negotiations to revive a nuclear deal with Iran have taken a long time, but any agreement may prove futile.Important signal, the sudden release of the White House has announced sanctions against Iran exemptions, the speculation to restart the nuclear deal negotiations may come to fruition in the near future, 33 U.S. senator biden a letter warning, review new agreement must go through congress, or any future new agreement is likely to be boycotted by the congress.Under the rules, all new deals must pass with a two-thirds vote in the Senate, which Mr. Biden’s team has little chance of getting.So even if a new Iran nuclear deal is sent to Congress for review, it is likely to fail, and Biden’s previous efforts will be in vain, depending on how the embarrassment is resolved.If America’s commitment is so unreliable, Iran must abandon its illusions and use its might to secure its country.Sure enough, Iran recently suddenly publicly displayed its new strategic ballistic missile, the Hibal Killer, in a high-profile show of muscle to the outside world.With a range of more than 1,450 km, the missile is maneuverable, guided and evasive of anti-missile interceptors, and powered by solid fuel, reducing ignition and launch events by a sixth while also greatly improving its strike accuracy.The 1,450 km range may not be much for the military powers like China, the United States and Russia, but for Iran in the Middle East, it is already of great strategic significance.The United States has at least 10 bases in the Middle East, home to some 50,000 troops, most of them within range of Iran’s Hibar-killer missile.And with Israel only 1,000 kilometers away, Iran is ready to dump its firepower on American or Israeli forces if they dare.It’s another embarrassment for Biden. Iran remains tough and it’s not going to be easy to pull the U.S. military out of the Middle East.Since leaving Afghanistan, the Middle East has long ceased to be America’s plaything.Israel, a loyal ally of The United States, seems to have mixed feelings. It was firmly opposed when Mr Biden said he wanted to restart nuclear talks with Iran, but Mr Biden ignored their views for the sake of America’s overall interests.As the external environment changes, So does Israel’s diplomacy, including joint naval exercises with the United States, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain in the Red Sea and US-led naval exercises in the Middle East.It is worth noting that Israel, which does not have diplomatic relations with Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states, held joint exercises with them for the first time, which is extremely rare in international exchanges.In addition to breaking diplomatic barriers and holding military exercises with non-diplomatic countries, Israel has also had frequent interactions with the UAE recently.Israel may sell its Iron Dome missile defense system and Green Pine radar to the UNITED Arab Emirates, sources said.Israeli Defense Minister Gantz also made a surprise visit to Bahrain and promised to provide whatever military assistance he could.The United Arab Emirates and Bahrain, which face Iran across the sea, will face unprecedented security pressure as Long as Israel arms the Gulf states with advanced missile systems, even though Iran has been actively pursuing reconciliation with the Gulf states.This has also created great uncertainties in the regional security environment.Both the Gulf states and others, such as Iran and Syria, are actively seeking a new balance, while China is recognized as a positive force in the region and believes that after a period of tug-of-war, a more peaceful situation will eventually be restored.(kang)