Year six, write a love letter, to miss you most

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Author: Xin month blue war years in a hurry, bearing in mind our past, your changes in temperature is my most important worry.I can’t tell you, I still love you, can only let loneliness surround me.You are my life the most romantic dependence, is my life difficult to give up love.I can’t change the ending between you and me, can only miss you for life.The thought of you living the life you want far away makes me happy for you.In fact, to really love someone is to wish you happiness forever.Year six, write a love letter, to miss you most, you want to smile in the face of life, brave to face the wind and rain of life.There is a person missing you, but did not tell you.Time takes us forward, think of the people in the distance, and look at the road under foot, life always has to continue.Looking back, there is a person never forget, thinking of you, love for you has never changed.The love in the world is a poem that cannot be finished.Thinking of you, there are many warm in my heart, the sixth day of the year, I wish you all the best.Look at your photos and imagine what kind of life you’re living right now.We were true to each other, the rest of my life, you are in my memory.There is a mood, miss the past;There is a regret, called no longer see you.In the quiet time, listen to their inner voice, originally, you are my life are reluctant to put down the people.The world has a dream, you are the most beautiful dream I have ever had.I miss you so much that I can only say goodbye.The most sincere blessing to you, I hope you become a better yourself, find really belong to their own happiness, more and more sweet days.Continuously care, let white clouds for me to convey;Sound blessing, let the wind for me to send, although always busy, but never forget you in my heart.Year six, write a love letter, to miss you most, all the efforts of life, have harvest.Happiness is cold when someone warm, lonely when someone miss, lonely when someone with, wish you happy happy healthy every day.I love you so much, but I dare not say a word to you. Silence is the last tenderness I give you.I still love you, but you’re gone.Suddenly look back, entangled heart to time, you are unable to say the regret, erase the heartache.The sixth day of the year, wrote a lot of words to send you, and a word a word to delete.Some people, can no longer contact;Some deep feeling, can only be delivered in years.A miss, a sentimentally attached, in your eyes, I see the stars all over the sky, in your tenderness, I feel the beauty of love.Although I can’t see you again, you will always be in my heart.Miss you, read you, how I want to contact you, but I can no longer disturb you.There is a helpless, is to see but can not meet, want to contact but afraid of disturb.On the sixth day of the lunar New Year, write a love letter, to miss you most, you must take good care of yourself.There is a sentimentality, is about you;There is a kind of persistence, is not to give up for you.Thinking of you in the distance, as if the air has a sad, let this miss through time, fall in your heart, a ripple.