The city public Security Bureau city police detachment three brigade joint stop brigade, Changjiang city management to carry out zombie car remediation and demolition of illegal pile special action

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To standardize the use of public area parking space effectively, and the general public parking a safe and orderly environment, further relieve the “parking” problem, in accordance with the requirements for team to deploy, March 23, city municipal public security bureau police detachment three brigade precision deployment, quick action, stop tube joint brigade, ChangJiang chengguan zombie car vigorously renovation and demolition of illegal land special operation.In the campaign, united had previous search MoPai, through focus area of west railway station around the problems are more prominent, occupied city road or public areas over a long period of time “zombie” to conduct a comprehensive renovation, and one by one to verify “zombie” car information, find the parties to a vehicle, “zombie” car owners to I can reach, urge the deadline dragged away, are unable to contact the parties concerned,Handle it according to law.At the same time, the individual private pile lock or the use of cement blocks, conical buckets and other debris occupying the phenomenon of public area parking space to resolutely clean up and remove, law enforcement officers immediately use pry bar, sledgehammer, wrench and other tools to clear the illegal pile, and the remaining screw hammer flat, restore the smooth road.Subsequently, law enforcement officers actively to the street units, merchants publicity, community residents publicity related laws and regulations, and constantly improve the awareness of civilized parking.This rectification action disposed of 4 “zombie cars”, and removed and cleared 10 obstacles such as ground piles, ground locks and occupying parking Spaces.The next step, the city public Security Bureau city police detachment three brigade will continue to strengthen the joint law enforcement efforts with relevant departments, expand the rectification results, at the same time, strengthen the grid inspection, constantly improve control efforts, put an end to the “rebound” “tide back” phenomenon, but also the public a safe and orderly parking environment.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: