We will accelerate the development of trusteeship in agricultural production

2022-04-27 0 By

In recent years, with the further development of modern agriculture, diversified service organizations are booming, and agricultural production trusteeship arises at the historic moment.Provincial people’s Congress representative Zhao Jinrong introduced that agricultural production trust is an agricultural operation mode in which farmers and other operating subjects entrust all or part of farming, planting, prevention and harvesting operations to agricultural socialized service organizations under the condition of not transferring land management rights.Trusteeship of agricultural production conforms to the current evolution trend of aging of rural population and concurrent employment of farmers. It is an important carrier to gather all kinds of production factors such as land, capital, technology and talents into modern agriculture, and an important operation mode to serve small farmers and connect with large markets.Managed by agricultural production, strengthen the social service oriented to small farmers, provide farmers with from kinds of to tube, from the technical service to the supply of agricultural materials such as “nanny” service all the way, can better crack “who to farming, what kind of good” problem, effectively solve the problem of abandoned land, extensive management, and so on, promote whole promote agricultural industrial chain service levels,We will accelerate agricultural and rural modernization.Zhao jinrong said that the province has played an important role in promoting grain production capacity, developing moderate scale operation and promoting the effective connection between small farmers and modern agriculture since the pilot project of agricultural production trusteeship started in 2017.Through the trusteeship of agricultural production, the socialized service system of agricultural production in the province has made great progress, and various specialized and socialized diversified service subjects such as service-oriented farmer cooperatives, family farms, professional service companies, large professional service households, and rural collective economic organizations have been cultivated and strengthened.However, trusteeship of agricultural production is also faced with problems such as weak service organization ability, limited service field expansion and industry management to be standardized.Therefore, we must further strengthen policy guidance and speed up the construction of modern agricultural management system.Zhao jinrong suggested strengthening trusteeship in agricultural production by increasing capital investment, promoting industrial restructuring and expanding the scope of agricultural production trusteeship projects.We should provide full subsidies for deep tillage and gradually guide farmers to increase production and income in deep tillage.It is necessary to scientifically adjust the planting structure, rationally plan the functional areas of corn production and the advantageous areas of characteristic small grains production, so as to concentrate the continuous planting and facilitate the mechanization operation.At the same time, the implementation of trusteeship projects is not only aimed at the scale development of small farmers, but also should support the reasonable transfer of small farmers’ land by large farmers and provide financial subsidies to drive the scale development of small farmers.Zhao Jinrong said that trusteeship of agricultural production is the direction of agricultural development in a period of time in the future, which is of great significance to ensure food security. This work should be included in the performance assessment of municipal and county governments to further promote the accelerated development of trusteeship of agricultural production.Our reporter Yang Wen (Editor: Ma Yunmei, Chu Jialin)