Tong Liya and men dinner was shot, this is the new love, did not expect it was he Rundong

2022-04-27 0 By

Recently, some netizens posted a video of Tong Liya and a man, he Rundong. In the video, they had a dinner together in a very down-to-earth place, which was a restaurant that ordinary people often go to. The dishes on the table were also some home-cooked dishes and the wine was ordinary beer.In the video, Tong Liya and He Rundong are smiling when they are talking. I think they are more like brother and sister than friends. They are already very familiar with each other.Tong Liya appears in the video without makeup, but there is no trace of time. At 38, she still looks like a teenager.Friends eat atmosphere is also very harmonious, do not know what the wine table said, two people laughed, he Rundong smiled and raised a glass of wine on the belly, the other people saw and began to heckle, may be not feel happy, behind and raised his head to drink a cup.He Rundong and Tong Liya two people and friends have no shelf in private, two people before the cooperation of many films and TV dramas, so become very good friends, often together with friends dinner.Was in October 2020, liyan tong was photographed with a man in a bar, the picture is two people hand in hand, liyan tong out later response, dinner with friends, two people pay when accidentally met, by the way, put out, the photograph also pictures inside are all friends, some of them he rundong.Since her official divorce from Chen Sicheng, Tong liya has kept working, only occasionally going out to dinner with friends to relax.Tong Liya grew up good-looking, later into the entertainment circle is by virtue of their own strength more and more red, at that time tong Liya participated in a “mother instrument world”, the play Tong Liya harvest a large number of fans, that is, from then on she formally stood in the entertainment circle.Tong Liya is an actress, she is also a dancer, tong Liya body temperament is also because of dancing.Tong Liya’s side is never short of suitors, after she passed a few paragraphs of love, and Chen Sicheng finally confirmed life, two people held a wedding, gave birth to a baby.Time gradually past, both sides through runnin produced a lot of contradictions, finally two people divorce, the tongLiya after divorce will put this thing down, to meet the new life, participated in a lot of their favorite variety, but also more and more will enjoy life.In the entertainment circle such a place, can find and their three views can make friends with few and few, two people after so many years of friendship has been very stable, I wish the friendship of two people can always go on forever.What do you think about that?