Tianzhu county fire rescue brigade: give up small home for everyone stick to the post for people’s livelihood

2022-04-27 0 By

There is such a group of people, they give up the small home for everyone in the Spring Festival, give up rest stick to the post, carry forward the spirit of not afraid of hardship not afraid of fatigue, to do a good job in fire safety work, for the people of the county to celebrate peace and peace of the festival escort.During the Spring Festival, reporters came to tianzhu County fire and rescue brigade, the players are still as usual, learning, exercise, prepare for war…Do a solid job in every job.Although I couldn’t go home to celebrate the New Year with my family, everyone had a happy smile on their faces.Xu Jinzhao, correspondent of Huarui Fire and Rescue Station, Tianzhu County: As a correspondent, every police reception and dispatch on duty is related to the success or failure of rescue. The police reception station is my combat post, and it is normal not to go home during the Spring Festival.Although my parents, wife and children are close by, my family members understand and support me very much. Rather than regretful that I cannot accompany and reunite with them, they hope that I can move forward with heavy burdens and strive to realize my professional value.Xie Zhenhua, who lives in Jiuquan city and is the monitor of the Huarui Fire rescue Station in Tianzhu County, was chatting with his family via video when this reporter met him.He told reporters that this is the seventh year that he has not spent Chinese New Year with his family.Although he feels guilty about his family, he has no regrets about his choice of career.Tianzhu county huarui fire rescue station monitor of class Xie: as a fireman, “people in distress, ZhuMin in distress” is our invariable beginner’s mind and mission, although can’t go home for the holiday, not with his family, but we are willing to “shed home” for everyone, time at work, with practical action to protect the life and property safety of the masses.Year after year, day after day, only stick to the post, is the same commitment.It is with the silent adherence of these fire and rescue personnel that there are thousands of lights festive reunion.It is the selfless support of their families behind them that has their peace of mind on duty.Behind the quiet years, they have no regrets to pay, let us once again for the firefighters praise.I hope every time a firefighter returns safely.Chen Jinnian, political instructor of Huarui Fire rescue Station in Tianzhu County:During the Spring Festival, brigade staff need to carry out the duty request strictly, thus prepare for, and deployed to “city people’s night watchman” political consciousness and “the people on the Chinese New Year’s day Fire pass “strong sense of responsibility, high standard emphasizing all work of the risk prevention, security, stability, peace festival for the people of the county bear dedication, escort.Reporter: Liu Hongkai Qi Yang MAO grass