Three conan fan fiction, travel to Japan, inherit the detective agency, and Conan become rivals

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Hello everyone, very happy to meet you here, I hope the fans of xiaobian can continue to support, xiaobian will be more careful to bring you more excellent works, today xiaobian continue to recommend good novels to fans, minutes to let fans see addicted friends don’t sleep!If you look good, remember to collect, not afraid of book shortage again!# # fanfic today small make up recommend everyone: three conan fan fiction, through to Japan, the firm, inheritance and conan be rivals first: “KeXue ke research man in the world of the author: night sleep introduction: when the winery in various black technology research and development on leaf more a body, the position he said he is a bit crooked.Gin: “icewine…””Look, this is the latest tracking software, it only takes 20 seconds to find the target…”In order to check whether the egg of memory is damaged, the original exhibition plan is cancelled, and the crowd again aboard the Queen Borisa, from Osaka back to Tokyo.”Conditions do not allow the case, you can check the micro-crack through ultrasonic, which is a use of ultrasonic transmission in the medium when the reflection characteristics, if you encounter defects or cracks, you can according to the wavelength of the different to carry out a simple judgment.”A safe house on a cruise ship.In the eyes of others, Ye Gengyi is in the notebook after some incomprehensible operation, a 3D graphics of the egg of memory appears on the screen.”Er…So, is it broken or not?”Maori small five lang leng leng asked, but also did not forget to hit Conan’s head, way: “you this kid, if the thing is broken, I can not pay for oh.””No.”Ye Geng said.Call……Everyone is long to breathe a sigh of relief, in The Sakaka Summer mei took out her great-grandfather once drew drawings, has confirmed that the ‘eggs of memory’ at least two.The reflection of Yokosuka Castle in the magic mirror is likely to be the location of another ‘egg of memory’. This combination design has more than doubled its value.There was a castle, not in Osaka but in Yokosuka.Introduction: Three conan fan fiction, through to Japan, inherited the detective agency, and Conan became a rival Qin Ming through!Came to Japan, became a named plume palace bright teenager he surprised to discover, just the end of the college entrance examination of the original owner, gave up the opportunity to further study in the university, resolutely took over the father just died of the detective agency.Into the pit guide: Yu Gong Ming for horizontal ditch police officers about the speculation is not clear, pointing to the answering machine way: “now since there is no rule out the possibility of homicide, so we start to point to the homicide of this telephone investigation.””The message lights are still on. Maybe there’s something in those messages?””Well, that makes sense, let’s listen to the message immediately!”Officer Henggou followed suit immediately.”According to the message, there are many people who want to visit Professor Hiroda this afternoon.”Officer Henggou frowned slightly.There were twelve messages on the answering machine, ten of which were from Mr. Shirakura and two from Mr. Morioka.”Plus feather palace detective a few people, should be three groups of people.””Mrs. Hiroda, did Shirakura and Morioka visit our house before the murder?” he asked.”Well, since I went out with the lady next door after lunch, and to be honest, I only got home a few minutes before Mr. Hanyu arrived, so I didn’t see any of the visitors.”Guangtian dengzhizi recalled a while, suddenly way: “right!The first visitor I saw on my way out was one of my husband’s students. I think his last name was Seiya.”(Click below to read for free) Third book: “The sorcerer in the detective world” by: Love Flat introduction: a ghost sorcerer in the end of the law was killed by a car accident, the soul through, found himself in Japan, attached to a Japanese body.Thinking of making a name for himself in Japan, he picked up a newspaper and glanced at it – Shinichi Kudo, Sherlock Holmes in Japan’s Heisei era, savior of the police?Into the pit guide: before the shoe ark, Shu Yunwen looked at the front of two people, slightly frowned.These two people he did know, is the chairman of the four Wells consortium four Wells are male and his secretary, the two people ran to find him, is really…Turning to look around the curious students, Shu Yunwen nodded: “two, what matters to the side.””Yes, Lord Yunmoon.”Four Wells Zhengxiong respectfully agreed, and then follow Shu Yunwen went to the place next to fewer people.Beside the shoe cabinet, the garden curiously looked at four Wells Masao they asked: “Ah?I think that person is The chairman of the Mitsui Consortium masao Mitsui?I think I saw him at my sister’s birthday party.””Yes, it must be him. I saw him once before at the Tidancoia.”LAN nodded. “By the way, his daughter, Miss Rihuahua Mitsui, asked my father to help her find a dog and invited us to her birthday party.””Four Wells beautiful flower?”The garden heard this name, the expression on the face some words, “that woman is very annoying, in front of a set, behind a set…””Ah?Is?”Xiao LAN was a little surprised, “Miss Four Wells gave me a good feeling…”(Click below to read it for free.) That’s all for today’s recommendations. 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