The second generation 75PLUS is in presale

2022-04-27 0 By

The second generation CS75 PLUS has been pre-sold for six models, including three 1.5T and three 2.0T models, with pre-sale prices ranging from 127,900 to 154,900 yuan.The overall style of the second generation Changan CS75 PLUS is younger.Perhaps in order to meet the personalized needs of different consumers, manufacturers provide two options for the front face, which are whale tail wave grille and crystal matrix grille.Whale-tail wave grille has a borderless feel and is more luxurious, while crystal matrix grille is more sporty.The engine has become a new generation of Blue Whale NE 1.5T high-performance engine, the maximum power of 138 kW, the maximum torque of 300 NM, the official 100 km fuel consumption of 6.4 liters, three indicators are optimized compared with the old model of 7 kW, 35 nm and 0.1 liter.More than 80,000 units have been ordered in less than four months since the launch of the second generation CS55PLUS.