Son-in-law to mother-in-law to send New Year’s goods, with a small broken step very happy, a “demolition” word netizen second understand

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Article: Wood purple column (original is not easy, do not copy, embezzlement will be carried out) all say mother-in-law see son-in-law, that is more see more happy, this sentence is true, especially which mother-in-law, if spread on a generous and discernitive northeast son-in-law, that is more like of.Especially now is the traditional Lunar New Year, such an important festival, is a good opportunity for sons-in-law to show themselves, can not be missed, once a good performance, in the future, maybe it will really benefit a lot.Therefore, the wise sons-in-law who know this well, take advantage of this festival, want to break their heads, different ways, to win the favor of the mother-in-law.A woman from Northeast China posted a video saying, ‘Isn’t it the Spring Festival?Their husband is also busy to mother-in-law to send goods for the New Year, a day ran several times, that small short legs are fast run fine.Shown in the picture, this is an ordinary rural northeast, during the winter, ice and snow everywhere, a young man, dressed in a black cotton-padded clothes, bare head, hands holding a pair of Daniel hoof, he looks happy and clinking, lit out times to go forward, a turn, in front of the family, it was his mother-in-law’s house.The key is the pace of the man that walk, it is too magic, someone described him as Nicholas Zhao four appendage, he looks to be in the horizontal walk, mainly his small short legs, leaping that call a happy, let a person look, can feel his deep heart, the joy of the uncontrollable.He ran to ZhangMu home made several trips to, according to upload video female net friend, for the first time, he give mother-in-law home is a newly baked good and hooves, while hot strength, but, my mother-in-law said that is too hard to bite, want to eat bath chap, after this son-in-law heard, word, returned home, just show the mother-in-law home good bittern big pig and moved in the past.Later, the mother-in-law said that the fresh goose was delicious, and the boy caught a big white goose at home and sent it to the past.A word on the wall, netizens understand in seconds, netizens saw this scene, have praised, this is someone else’s good son-in-law, it seems that the mother-in-law did not love this boy for nothing, there is such a good son-in-law, than their own son are close.However, some careful netizens found a large character written on the wall in the picture, and they understood in seconds!Where the son-in-law passed, there was a board-built house with a big Chinese character “Demolition” written on the wall.Editor search map this now netizens immediately understand, as the saying goes, no matter gallantly, non rape namely steal, meaning the world has no free lunch, there is no gratuitous benefits to you, gallantly to you must be to you, want to get benefits from you.It seems that this boy so generous performance of his, please mother-in-law, is the purpose of ah!The mother-in-law’s house will be demolished soon!He could get rich overnight, and he could spare himself decades of struggle.Some netizens said that a movable board can be removed, and how much money can be worth?Isn’t that a waste of time?Some net friends said that the house is not valuable, the important thing is that the land, the land expropriation, also worth a lot of money, or will use the house discount compensation.However, some netizens who know the business have “mercilessly struck” this simple and honest son-in-law, he said that your construction is illegal, black font, there is no compensation!Editor search map and the net friend said unkindly, not sure, this word is his mother-in-law himself wrote up, the purpose is to let the son-in-law heart look forward to, every day to send their delicious.The net friend, let me think of the famous opera, was called “the wall”, the inside of a pair of brothers not filial piety, a neighbor gave the old man out of an idea, let his claim to be in possession of gold inside the wall, the two brothers tried hard, wait for the old man died, only to find that is a lie.”I advised you not to leave the hospital, but you didn’t listen to me!Muzi point of view has to say, this northeast son-in-law’s cheerful performance, as well as his devil’s little step, really makes people laugh.”The pace, the expression and the music are incredible,” said one user.This is a young man full of joy, regardless of whether his mother-in-law’s house is really demolished, can give him a bowl and half of the soup, at least, now he is sincere to his mother-in-law, the old man can take advantage of this opportunity to have a good feast.The cute son-in-law has made millions of Internet users smile and brought some joy to the increasingly cold Spring Festival.Finally, I wish you all a happy and prosperous New Year!