“Love 20 law” introduction, Yang Mi hand in hand Xu Kai staged sister and younger brother love

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“The law of love” directed by Lin Yan, Yang Mi, Xu Kai, Li Zefeng, Tang Jingmei and other starring urban romance drama, tells the story of the hero and heroine forced to “fake marriage”, after a long time to get along, eventually become true love story.Yang mi’s films are mostly hot and novel, featuring an eye-candy “marry before you fall in love” romance with Xu Kai in a TV script that was supposed to air in January but was postponed because of the Winter Olympics.Star shi qin Yang mi, play qin shi is a female lawyer, doing things, as into a famous law firm, forged into married by his own brother, able, is valued by the supervisor, become an important character of the workplace, their registered permanent residence this getting on “false husband” is YangHua, pressured by parents forced marriage and consult with YangHua false married, two people by pretending to become true love after marriage,They fell in love and became a happy couple.YangHua star this superb drama, playing YangHua is a senior otaku, a people eat, running, and curtilage home living Buddha is a young otaku life, YangHua urge marriage to rush her family’s head all big, had to contrast, his rival to the qin shi mutually close, when you get there they knew that they have been applied to the second brother fabricated by qin qin’s husband, YangHua feel very angry at the beginning,But later Qin Shi came to talk about a fake marriage in order to avoid being urged to marry by his parents, so he readily agreed and finally solved the problem. After marriage, they got along well and became a real couple.Tao plays Li Zefeng, Qin Shi’s colleague and ex-boyfriend, who is recruited to work at the law firm where Qin shi works in order to get her back.Tang Jingmei plays Li Dai, a confident, independent lawyer who is qin Shi’s rival in business and Yang Hua’s blind date.She plays Wu Fei, a cute and lovable subordinate of Qin Shi who is qin Shi’s most trusted assistant.Liu Lin plays Tang Yihui, the boss of Qin Shisuo’s law firm. She’s a very tough woman who manages a big law firm with her husband.”This principle of love” the show had a very interesting story, the hero and heroine first love after marriage, two people in line with the attitude of marriage, but didn’t want to two people in the center of the get along slowly feelings, eventually become a pair of love couples, the show had a “big boss” Yang, ratings and quality have made a lot of security, this superb drama also do dragao, level online in appearance,Pretty guys and pretty girls make a difference.There is no official release date yet, but the show is expected to air before March, so stay tuned!Thanks for browsing!You can comment.