A rural boy who graduated from a famous university killed his mother-in-law and stabbed his wife more than 10 times after marrying a rich woman in Beijing

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A rabbit will bite, a dog will jump a wall, so no matter how honest, gentle.When pushed, people can do unexpected things, even rabbits and dogs, let alone humans with rich emotions.So must not see other people honest, feel good bully, little imagine honest person makes evil come more terrible.A case in point was a rural student who married a Beijing baifumei after graduating from a prestigious university, only to have the sweet “Beijing marriage” turn bloody.Chen Wenning’s congenital condition is not very good, he was born in hubei province, an ordinary poor family, there are three sisters.You can imagine how difficult it was for a woman to bring up four children while her father died young.But even so, she also insisted on supporting his son to study, fortunately, Chen Wenning is very good.Since childhood sensible, study very hard, with excellent results to Beijing a famous university computer department.After graduating in 1998, he was hired by a foreign-owned Internet company in Beijing at a high salary.With his salary of 8,000 yuan a month, it was only a matter of time before he could buy an apartment and settle down in Beijing.Then he could live a happy life, but unfortunately, Chen Wenning met a difficult mother-in-law.In the spring of 2000, he was introduced to Liu Hongling and they fell in love at first sight.Liu hongling is better off, with an only child, a Beijing hukou and a three-bedroom apartment on the outskirts of the capital.Of course, the condition is second, Chen Wenning took a fancy to her mainly because of gentle character.The two married quickly, and it wasn’t long before Liu’s mother, Wang Minqin, suggested that they couldn’t afford an apartment for now.Why not just stay at Liu’s? It’s convenient and saves money.Chen Wenning thought, anyway is also a family, then moved into the mother-in-law’s home to become a “son-in-law.”What Chen wenning did not know was that his gentle wife was actually a “mother’s treasure” without any ideas of her own, while Wang Minqin had always been snobbish and arrogant.Before Chen Wenning, she repeatedly intervened in her daughter’s love, thousands of choices to choose the prestigious school graduates, good income, honest character of his.The so-called proposal to live in liu’s was not out of kindness at all, just for easy handling.If Chen Wenning had known what happened later, he probably would not have moved into the Liu family, or married Liu Hongling.Wang minqin’s repeated meddling is too suffocating. First, she demands that all the wages of her daughter and son-in-law be handed over in the name of keeping them safe.In fact, it was convenient for them to spend their own money. Chen wenning had only 500 yuan of spare expenses from his 8,000 yuan salary, which was later even reduced to 200 yuan.How embarrassed an elite like him would be in front of his colleagues with only 200 yuan a month to go around.The most outrageous thing is that Wang Minqin despised Chen wenning while taking his high salary.Often is your home is in the countryside, your home conditions are not good, Chen Wenning can only endure the peace of the house.In 2001, Liu hongling gave birth to a son, and Chen wenning was filled with joy.The result found that the mother-in-law took the initiative to let the child named Liu, the always honest Chen Wenning also can not bear, noisy and noisy but Wang Minqin.In the Spring Festival of 2002, Chen Wenning wanted to take his son to visit his hometown. Wang Minqin said, “Rural conditions in Hebei are so bad!”Miss grandson Chen mother can only touch the son to bring back a photo, see, Chen Wenning sad unceasingly.He decided to move out of Liu’s house as soon as possible to get his life back on track.How could Wang minqin insist on writing her name on the property ownership certificate when Chen Wenning provided the money as he thought?The reason was that he was afraid of treating his daughter badly in the future. The two sides quarreled again. What made Chen Wenning unbearable was their attitude towards his mother.In 2005, Chen’s mother came to Beijing to see a doctor because she was not feeling well.And refused to Chen’s mother to have grandchildren, his attitude showed that he was looking down on the in-laws from the countryside. Chen Wenning was really disheartened this time.Just at this time, Wang Minqin moved a crooked idea, then Liu Gongling’s former boyfriend Li mou into the sea to earn a lot of money.Just divorced soon, after contact said he still miss Liu Gongling, Wang Minqin would like to abandon Chen Wenning this pedal climb li this high branch.The opportunity that arranges to meet to daughter in clear and dark, urge daughter to contact with it, abet daughter derailment.Chen Wenning was furious after learning that both sides have the idea of divorce, but it did not hit it off.Because Liu Hongling asked all the property, the son of the custody of her, meaning Chen Wenning clean out of the house, there is no wrong but clean out of the house.Chen Wenning is honest, but not stupid, how can agree.The two sides broke out conflicts for many times. On August 8, 2006, Chen Wenning discussed this matter with his wife and mother-in-law again.The quarrel, unbearable Chen Wenning stem out of an impulsive thing, knife to kill his mother-in-law, stabbed his wife more than 10 times.It is true that wang Minqin and Liu Hongling are greedy and shameless, but killing people as revenge is not desirable.Because this will only let himself pay a heavy price, for such a mother-in-law such a wife to go to prison or even pay for the death, is it really worth it?In any case, Chen was too impulsive and was later detained by police on suspicion of intentional homicide.The life of any citizen is protected by law, and no one has the right to take the life of another, no matter what the reason.Article 232 of criminal Law of the People’s Republic of China: Whoever intentionally kills another person shall be sentenced to death, life imprisonment or fixed-term imprisonment of not less than 10 years.Killing two people, killing close relatives are serious, should be given a heavier punishment in accordance with the law, but considering the victim to aggravate the conflict has a fault.Chen Wenning is not premeditated murder, belong to passion murder, is in the victim stimulation, tease to lose reason.In addition, the voluntary surrender after the crime and truthfully confessed to the crime, constitute a voluntary surrender, according to the law can be lighter or mitigated punishment.Therefore, Chen Wenning was sentenced to death with a two-year reprieve and deprived of political rights for life.