Tottenham official congratulations to Miss Tang!Son heung-min was cheering for South Korea, while Kane was cheering for Tang

2022-04-26 0 By

The Chinese women’s football team won the Asian Cup, which is the most exciting thing for the fans.And Tang, one of the women’s players, won official praise from Spurs after the team won the Asian Cup.And, even Tottenham’s number one star Harry Kane is paying attention to her, Kane specially before the game to cheer her.It should be noted that Before the match, Son Heung-min, another Tottenham hotspur star, openly supported the Korean women’s soccer team, but Kane was better than Son in terms of cheering.Before the Asian Cup final, Son heung-min was cheering for the South Korean women’s football team. He also posted a video cheering for the South Korean women’s football team and Tottenham international Cho Soo Hyun.Son was cheering for the South Korean women’s soccer team, while Kane posted a video cheering for Tang, saying, “Hello, Don, I’m Kane. I wish you good luck and I look forward to seeing you win.”But it needs to be said that Tang previously said that her favorite Tottenham player is Son.Tottenham’s official account also said: “Tottenham are also paying attention to the match.”Chinese women’s soccer team won the Asian cup champion, and all the fans are very happy, of course the fans happy not just because they won the championship, but also because their tactics of indomitable spirit, and this is probably the temperament of the Chinese women’s bones, perhaps in the future, this will also be a underneath the temperament of Chinese football, all of this really worth learning.Next year, the women’s football team will compete in the World Cup, and hopefully they can win the World Cup next year.