Dalian city invested 300 thousand yuan to send warmth to express little brother

2022-04-26 0 By

Under the guidance of Dalian Postal Administration bureau, Dalian Express Trade Union has actively obtained 300,000 yuan financial support from dalian Federation of Trade Unions, and has issued consolation money and materials to more than 6,000 front-line employees of express enterprises in the city.It is understood that this is the city over the years condolences to the number of front-line express personnel, the most funds.This activity aims to deeply implement the “warm bee action” of caring and caring couriers, and promote the implementation plan on protecting the legitimate rights and interests of Couriers in Dalian by seven departments of the city.After the city express industry trade union federation was formally established, the enterprise express little brother became a trade union member, with more backing and protection, but also really feel the party, the government and the union to give care and warmth.An express employees said, condolence activities “close to the grassroots to send truth, real warm people”, work more energetic.Next, the postal service in dalian will continue to further implement the “warm” action and Courier groups legitimate rights and interests security work requirement, strengthen the communication with departments and so on city federation of trade unions, mix, closely around the industry’s most concerned about, the most direct, the most realistic benefit question, further expanding the area of services, improve service efficiency,Let more express employees feel the warmth of the organization.(Reporter Qiao Wenxin)