“A household can not be less” Jiexiu City Song Ancient township to ensure the affected people warm New Year

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Yellow River News Network Jinzhong news (reporter Li Bingyi reporter He Xiaowei Qin Yu) “the same as many furniture, the new house into a real new home, this year will be the family in the new home for the first Spring Festival.In Jianxue City Song Gu township South Qiaotou village villager Zhang Xiumei’s home, her hands of steamed buns knead quickly, to meet the arrival of the first Spring Festival in the “new home”.As soon as she arrived at villager Zhang Xiumei’s house, she took out fruits and melon seeds and handed them to everyone. “The new house was finished in 40 days,” she said excitedly. “Looking at the new house, I sincerely felt that I really caught up with a good year.With subsidies from the government, we now use electricity for heating instead of coal, saving money on labor and sanitation.Thanks to the Communist Party, thanks to the government.”Zhang xiumei, 78, was assessed as severely damaged (D), the most severe on the scale, after a flood last year caused extensive damage to her home.Zhang Xiumei was stunned when she learned that her house needed to be demolished and rebuilt. She was old, her son was working outside and her grandson had just come of age.Zhang Xiumei suddenly had no idea, fell into a deep helplessness.Song Gu township Deputy secretary of the Party Committee, township head Zhang Yong learned of the situation, many times with the old people talk, pacify.Through active coordination, we adopted the policy of “government subsidies, enterprises’ donations and individuals’ contributions”. On the basis of the cost of 2,300 yuan/square meter, the government will bear 40,000 yuan, and the rest of the individuals will pay 1,500 yuan/square meter for the construction. This made Zhang Xiumei’s heart fall into place.When the village and construction enterprises ready to sign a contract, Zhang Xiumei once again put forward doubts, according to the village for many years of building experience, winter is not suitable for building.No matter how to persuade, Zhang Xiumei said not to build.Song Gu township after disaster reconstruction working group heard this news, actively invited construction enterprises, supervision units, design institute experts to investigate, and develop winter construction plan.After getting the plan, after patient and careful explanation, Zhang Xiumei finally untied the knot in her heart, signed the construction contract smoothly, and moved into the new house as scheduled.The reconstruction and repair of Zhang Xiumei’s house is just an epitome of the reconstruction and repair work of Nanqiaotou Village after the disaster.According to the instructions of the provincial party committee and the provincial government, Song Gu township made bold decisions and built DAMS around the village before the flood entered the village to prevent the flood from entering.When the flood into the village, nanqiaotou village more than 500 households have been evacuated.In the face of the severe situation of the whole village was flooded, the township mobilized more than 200 loaders, excavators, earthmoving trucks, dragon suction trucks, more than 400 pumps, nearly 3,000 people filled sandbags to build DAMS to actively save themselves.In just 3 days, more than 2,000 acres of land back flood receded.In another three days, electricity was fully restored, the whole village was completely destroyed, and water quality was comprehensively tested, thus ensuring that the villagers quickly returned to normal life and production order.Facing the tight time and heavy task of post-disaster reconstruction work, Song Gu township quickly set up a special working group, household by household careful investigation of housing safety and other dangers.It only took two days to register more than 500 damaged courtyards in the village.Only use 30 days time, appraisal result is general damage lighter housing, complete repair.By the end of December 2021, the appraisal result was the general damaged housing, and all the repairs were completed.On January 10, 2022, the appraisal result was severely damaged original site reconstruction housing, all capped acceptance.For the reconstruction and repair work, song Gu township has done a clear foundation, clear plan, solid measures, post-disaster recovery and reconstruction work ran out of “acceleration”.Up to now, nanqiaotou village houses have been repaired, the site of reconstruction of 23 sets of housing all completed, really ensure that the village affected people warm New Year “not a leak.”[Edit: Bing Yi]