20 times big cattle next week lift ban 48 billion yuan!Securities broker “one elder brother” rights offering, and these stocks lifted pressure (attached list)

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According to Wind data, in addition to the new shares to be listed, there will be 45 stocks facing the lifting of lock-ups next week, with a total lifting volume of 8.918 billion shares. Based on the latest closing price, the total lifting market value is 117.287 billion yuan, down 10.11% from this week.Flat (41.450, 2.74, 6.20%), citic securities (25.690, 0.36, 1.42%), and made China (36.840, 1.89, 4.88%) shares will release amount exceeds 10 billion yuan,Lihua shares, Follett, Driving force (5.850, -0.20, -3.31%) will increase by more than 100%.According to Wind data, based on the latest closing prices of the above 45 stocks, the market values of Follett, Citic Securities and Lihua topped the list, accounting for 48.041 billion yuan, 39.871 billion yuan and 10.154 billion yuan respectively.Specifically, On February 15, Follett will lift the ban of 1.159 billion shares, which are limited to the sale of the original shareholders of the ipo;Citic Securities will release 1.552 billion shares on February 15, all of which are general shares of rights issue;Lihua shares will be released on February 18, 276 million shares, are additional commitment restricted shares.From the market performance, Since February, Follett, CITIC Securities, Lihua shares up or down by -15.13%, 4.43%, 4.33%.Release next week before the market value of ten stock data sources: Wind lifted the ban on next week’s biggest Mr Bellwether for photovoltaic glass, lifted shares from RuanHongLiang, RuanZeYun, Jiang Jinhua eight such as shareholders, including RuanHongLiang, RuanZeYun, Jiang Jinhua release value exceeds 13 billion yuan, respectively, for the second, third, fourth flight.Ruan Hongliang, Ruan Zeyun, Jiang Jinhua and Zhao Xiaofei are the actual controllers of Folite, and the above 8 shareholders are the joint action persons.As of The close on Feb 11, Follett’s share price was 41.45 yuan per share, giving it a market value of 81 billion yuan, according to Wind data.Follett is a big bull stock in the past few years, and the current post-resumption price rose by 1998.46% compared with the issue price.Next week, citic Securities, which ranks second in terms of market value, is the leading broker to lift the ban from citic Securities’ previous rights issue financing.According to Wind data, of the 45 stocks mentioned above, the number of shares released accounts for more than 30% of the total share capital of 3 stocks, which are Lihua, Follett and Kaitian Gas (5.580, -0.25, -4.29%).The lifting rates were 68.24%, 53.99% and 30.12%, respectively.Compared with the current tradable shares, the three shares will increase by 230.15%, 217.25% and 78.31% respectively after the suspension is lifted next week.In addition, the driving force will be lifted next week after the circulation plate will increase 100.06%.Data source: Wind Xinanjie (4.680, -0.12, -2.50%), Cambrian (77.660, -1.26, -1.60%)-U, Zoonlink Technology and other 10 stocks, the number of shares released accounted for less than 1% of the total share capital.Next week the full list of stocks lifted data source: Wind responsible editor: Li Siyang statement: reprint this article is for the purpose of passing more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: newmedia@xxcb.cn