Unique Tang door: Wang Donger wearing a one-piece skirt, xiao Xiao war Qin Mingyue, inventing a new way of fighting

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In today’s updated cartoon version of The Tang Dynasty, Wang Donger wears a yellow onesie on stage, when matched with wang Donger’s beautiful face, let people have a feeling of wanting more.In the text, the battle between Tang gate and Ming Yuzong continues.The latest player is Xiao Xiao and Qin Mingyue, but now Xiao Xiao, invented a new way of fighting has become extremely domineering, let’s have a look.Wang Donger is also featured on the cover of the cartoon, so it seems that the artist is very fond of the character.And show in front of everyone wang Donger, it is easy to capture the heart.Why do you say that?Just look at the picture.It is not difficult to find from the picture that the two silly hairs standing on her head are the main symbol of Wang Donger.Taken as a whole, wang donger’s clothes are certainly the most striking.A yellow one-piece dress, wrapped in Wang Donger’s flawless white jade muscles, is really a little provocative.The tight effect of the one-piece skirt is to highlight wang Donger’s figure, especially in the face of the two focal points of everyone, but also the impact of the cornea.In addition, Wang Donger’s face is also a big hotspot.From wang Donger’s slightly playful expression, can reflect the character of Wang Donger, a pair of big eyes, with the arc of the upper mouth, is a bit of bad girl taste.Let a person rise from the bottom of the heart want to conquer and care for the desire.Do you like this Wang Donger?Back to the point.Let’s take a look at the text.In the text, the battle between Tang Gate and Ming Yuzong continues.Both sides have changed the new play, tang gate the entrance of the people is Xiao Xiao, as one of the shrek seven strange, Xiao Xiao has been very low-key, but with twin soul xiao Xiao, is definitely not a simple role.And the Ming Yuzong out of the player is Qin Mingyue, is a “soy sauce” role.Two people against, or have a certain point of view, although not to set off a climax, but we can still see xiao Xiao’s wonderful performance.Two people on stage, full fire, and xiao Xiao the use of the soul is sansheng Zhensoul tripod, a big tripod, directly let a person have a feeling of suffocation, in front of the tripod, humans appear to be some weak.Xiao Xiao showed the most brutal way, that is directly with the hand of the big triding, and carrying the broadsword of Qin Mingyue.I thought it was two weak women, but I never thought it would be so fierce.Xiao Xiao’s new way of fighting is to use the weight of his own tripod to attack.Originally can only be used for defense of the big tripod, unexpectedly developed a combat mode.I have to say that Xiao Xiao is also a talented woman, worthy of the name of shrek seven strange.Qin Mingyue is not to be outdone, in the first of the bombardment, Qin Mingyue suffered losses, gave himself to wear a turtle shell like the horcrux, there are times to resist xiao Xiao’s attack.But Shaw’s way of fighting is not simple.After all, in the Tang door, for some of the tang door skills, or handy.For example, xiao Xiao shows the ability to control the crane and capture the dragon, directly restrain the movements of Qin Mingyue, and Xiao Xiao can use the special ability of Sansheng Zhenhun tripod “town of tripod” to kill.The battle was very quick from start to finish.There was nothing sloppy in between.And xiao Xiao shows the way of fighting, so as her boyfriend and CAI tou also began to tremble.If there’s going to be a fight, I’m afraid I’ll have to hide.