Officer xuan!Tang Jie officially joined guangdong men’s basketball team, wearing no. 30 jersey!

2022-04-25 0 By

The latest news ahead, Tang Jie to join Guangdong Hongyuan officially confirmed, with the team training for half of the season tang Jie is expected to wear guangdong men’s basketball team no. 30 jersey debut in the third stage of the game!Including zhao Rui, who said in an interview before that he could come back at the third stage, Guangdong men’s basketball guard rotation reached 4 people, and Hu Mingxuan and Xu Jie, who had played with high intensity and injured before, could finally breathe a sigh of relief.I have also analyzed before, Tang Jie joined guangdong men’s basketball tactical position.Tang Jie’s competitive ability is not the strongest, but for the current Guangdong team, he is undoubtedly a very suitable member.Experienced zhao Rui’s injury absence, Guangdong men’s basketball three guard saturated lineup immediately became inadequate, Hu Mingxuan and Xu Jie continuous high-intensity battle also first after the signs of injury, this really to Guangdong team sounded the alarm.– Guangdong team if there are no injury players, the overall rotation is good, once there is a reduction, the team’s rotation problem was exposed.Tang Jie’s joining, aside from other problems to talk about, at least, can add a line of defense for the guangdong team’s guard rotation, to ensure the smooth operation of the guangdong team’s guard rotation.Black and white short one of the injured, the need for players to replace the time, Tang Jie is undoubtedly the best candidate, this is more than relying on Zhao Jinyang thirst.I do not say zhao Jinyang is not good, and Zhao Jinyang’s current state, temporarily can not become guangdong team champion power.Tang Jie joined, but also conducive to guangdong team out of the “5 on 5 under” two sets of lineup, Guangdong team can continue to let the double back on the field for attack and defense, two people a group of rotation.Due to the lack of defensive line rotation before the game, Guangdong team has rarely played with high intensity of pressure forward defense, which once let a lot of ranked teams saw the hope of winning from guangdong team head.Without the defense of high mobility players, The defense ability of Guangdong team outside dropped a level, no matter what opponent, the other side can always dominate outside the three-point line, the three-point shooting rate is extremely high, which makes Guangdong team play extremely difficult.Guangdong team to restore the rotation of double guard, but also conducive to the outside defense, improve the flexibility of the outside defense, on the other side of the three-point ball guard, which is conducive to the following match of Guangdong team’s arrangement.Du Feng said in an interview, Tang Jie can bring a beneficial supplement to the team, thus helping the team.This with the above said also very appropriate, other not to say, at least the arrival of Tang Jie, to this team is not the same as guangzhou injected new blood, injected vitality.The third stage of the competition schedule and time is not determined, for guangdong team is undoubtedly a good news.There are a lot of injuries on the team, so it’s a good chance to recover.In the third stage, Guangdong team needs to play steadily. There will be competition between the top four teams, and the victory will affect the ranking. Guangdong Team only needs to win steadily and get the victory of the game, so it can reap the benefits and return to the top four.Looking forward to the third stage!