Louxing Electric Power restored power supply to more than 300 villagers on the first day of xinhua’s rescue

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Massachusetts moment loudi February 4 – (correspondent Mao Caishan Li Mingming) on February 2 in the morning, the wind was raining, snow, the rescue of xinhua priorities LouXing area power supply branch of ice disaster relief dongfanghong (horse) of the communist party service has arrived at xinhua grid of the affected relatively serious Shi Wei piece, in the home, the post pond and jinfeng pills,Officially into the race against the clock repair.The new round of heavy snow caused severe damage to the xinhua power grid, and local people’s production and life fell into a dilemma.Loudi Power Supply Company issued a call to help Xinhua, louxing company volunteered to support brother units, immediately set up a 36 people, 6 cars of party members of the surprise team, rushed to Xinhua on the night of the first day of the New Year to support local emergency repair and power restoration work after the disaster.”The mountain is frozen seriously and the road is slippery, the car can not go on, brothers, we will carry the tools on foot up the mountain.”At 7:30 am on the second day of the Chinese New Year, the team leader Deng Xihua led 12 emergency repair personnel to xinhua Tea Garden Substation 1, Huanggu I and II respectively. The other two teams also rushed to the designated repair points to handle high voltage faults, cut down tree barriers, replace electric poles and other work construction.On the way to the mountain area, the snow was deep and the cold wind was biting. Carrying equipment and tools, the team stepped on the cold snow with deep and shallow feet. Every step was very difficult, but they did not retreat at all, let alone fear of difficulty.The company has silently overcome the difficulties of extremely cold weather, heavy workload and many tasks, serious ice-covered poles that cannot be mounted, slippery vehicles that cannot transport emergency repair materials on the mountain, and no signal connection on the mountain. It has carried forward the iron army spirit of louxing Electric Power Co., LTD., which is “eat hard and fight hard”, and moved forward bravely all the way.Ice covered pole, telescopic ladder to assist construction;The repair car could not carry the pole, 12 people together to carry the mountain……They carried out emergency repair work in a tense and orderly manner in the high mountains, braving wind and snow.”We had a bowl of instant noodles in the morning and went out. In order to finish the repair work earlier, we had lunch and dinner together.”Complete xinhua township jinfeng gold town line two stream feeder skateboard branch line one last set of fault porcelain replacement, the players flashlight back to point tabernacle was the second day at 5 in the morning 45 points, the second captain Zhou Li is introduced: “there was no signal in the mountains, could not be reached, the brothers are hungry dizzy, but still brimming with, until the end of the repair, could be heard along the way everyone belly” goo goo “call.”It is reported that on the first day of the rescue of Xinhua, Louxing electric horse successfully delivered electricity to 300 villagers in 4 Taiwan districts, showing the responsibility and responsibility of Louxing Electric People with practical actions, and also demonstrating the mutual love spirit of “brothers in trouble, I will come to help”.