Huaihua City Public Security Bureau traffic police detachment held the spring road traffic accident prevention “reduction control big” media briefing

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Which news to effectively prevent and reduce road traffic accidents, protecting the people’s life and property security, security area of road traffic safety and smooth, on March 15, huaihua city public security bureau traffic police detachment in directly under a large spring road traffic accident prevention “reduction control” and the “big five” exposure “media exchange meetings.On the meeting, the traffic police department on the recent road traffic accident prevention “reduction control”, traffic problems “stubborn miasma” rectification, “one helmet area” and other work carried out a notice, published an “accident prone section” and a “high-risk section”, exposure of 3 typical traffic illegal accident cases.Accident section: new sway grain beach town flash creek village ma tong group bend sections (G242 line 2821 km + 250 m – 400 – m), the department of national road line, roadside linhe, along the village, vehicles, fast speed, the more road accidents occur, a section of road with accidents, pay attention to the road fork in the road traffic situation when vehicles pass, reduce the speed of the car, don’t bendOvertaking can be overspeed, branch road into the main road vehicles to stop after watching the safety through.Risky sections: zhijiang km600m G320 line 1695-650 m, the department for T intersection, vehicle speed is fast, don’t come easy to happen traffic accident, cars after T junction to take the initiative to slow down, observe the road traffic situation, branch into the main road to do a stop by watching, comity mainline vehicles pass first, do not blindly to accelerate into the mainland.At the same time, the reporter learned from the air conference, in order to further strengthen traffic safety control in rural areas, effectively resolve the outstanding safety risks and hidden dangers in rural areas in spring, prevent and reduce traffic accidents, especially traffic accidents caused by group deaths and injuries, to stabilize the spring road traffic safety situation, March 15 to May 31,Huaihua traffic police department will carry out spring in the city’s rural areas prominent traffic law special rectification action.It is reported, the next step, the zhuhai public security traffic police departments will strengthen traffic regulation, improve traffic order, promote the overall level of urban road traffic management for passenger, bus, dangerous explosive transportation vehicles to carry out the hidden perils in source, joint related departments in-depth ZhuangXieDian passenger terminal, transportation enterprise, dangerous goods, the school inspection,Traffic violations will be strictly investigated through on-the-spot inspection, comprehensive investigation and rectification, special rectification, wrong time duty, fixed spot investigation and rectification, and scattered installation of cards.Strengthen the crackdown on the use of fake license plates, illegally altered license plates, traffic signals and signs and lines, illegal passengers without legal qualifications and transportation of dangerous explosives and other illegal acts that seriously disrupt traffic order and threaten people’s lives and property, further standardize the urban traffic order and create a good traffic environment.Statement: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author. If there is any source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will deal with it in time.Email address: