A shares: Hang Seng Electronics, China Happiness, Shentong Express and other 5 companies issued important announcements

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Yuan Longping High-tech Agriculture Co.,Ltd. held the fourteenth (provisional) meeting of the eighth Board of Directors on February 14, 2022, deliberated and approved the Proposal on Changing the Use of Repurchased Shares, and decided to change the use of the company’s previously repurchased shares.Change from “intended for implementation of equity incentive plan” to “intended for implementation of employee stock ownership plan”.2. Sto Express, Notice on the resolution of the eleventh meeting of the fifth Board of Directors
The motion on the First Phase of STO Express Co.,Ltd. ‘s Employee Stock Ownership Plan (Draft) & GT and its Summary was considered and passed;Deliberated and passed the Bill on the Measures for the Administration of the First Phase of STO Express Co.,Ltd.Deliberated and passed a proposal on requesting the company’s general meeting of shareholders to authorize the Board of Directors to deal with matters related to the company’s first phase of employee stock ownership plan;The resolution on holding the second extraordinary general meeting of shareholders of the Company in 2022 was deliberated and approved.3. Da Beinong, Announcement on sales of live pigs in January 2022 416,500 pigs were sold in January 2022, with sales revenue of 608 million Yuan.Among them, sales revenue increased by -23.71% quarter-on-quarter and -48.78% year-on-year;Sales volume increased by -8.16% quarter-on-quarter and 36.16% year-on-year;The average weight of commercial fat pigs is 113.22 kg, and the average selling price is 13.6 yuan/kg.Cfda reported to the Public security organ of Langfang about the contact loss of China Create Capital Limited, the entrusted financial service provider, in December 2021.And on December 14, 2021, langfang City Public Security Bureau economic crime investigation detachment issued the receipt of case Acceptance.

On February 14, 2022, the company received the Notice of filing issued by Langfang Public Security Bureau, which stated that the above matters met the conditions of filing and langfang Public Security Bureau had filed the case.5. Hang seng electronic, about to buy back shares by way of centralized competitive trading announcement based on confidence in the company’s future development prospect and high recognition of the value of the company, in order to safeguard the interests of investors, enhance investor confidence, at the same time, in order to establish and improve a long-term incentive mechanism, give full play to the company senior management staff, the core backbone personnel’s enthusiasm,To promote the long-term development of the company, the company plans to use its own funds to repurchase part of the public shares through centralized bidding for equity incentive or employee stock ownership plan in accordance with relevant regulations, taking into account the company’s financial condition and future profitability.

The type of shares repurchased is the company’s RENMINBI ordinary shares A.
The Company intends to conduct the share repurchase through the Shanghai Stock Exchange trading system through a centralized bidding transaction.

The term of the share repurchase shall be 12 months from the date of approval of the share repurchase plan by the Board of Directors.

In order to protect the interests of investors, the price of the company’s A-share repurchase shall not exceed RMB 80 / share (inclusive), which shall not exceed 150% of the average stock price of the 30 trading days before the board of Directors adopts the share repurchase resolution.The specific repurchase price will be determined during the repurchase implementation period based on the stock price in the secondary market of the company, the company’s financial status and operating status.If the company grants shares, increases share capital or dividends in cash during the period of share repurchase, the upper limit of share repurchase price shall be adjusted according to relevant regulations of China Securities Regulatory Commission and Shanghai Stock Exchange since the date of stock price ex-dividend and ex-dividend.

The total amount of capital that the Company intends to repurchase shares this time shall not be less than RMB 100 million (inclusive) and shall not exceed RMB
RMB 150 million (inclusive), funded by self-owned funds.

Under the condition that the price of repurchased shares does not exceed 80 yuan/share, the number of repurchased shares is estimated to be about 1.875 million shares, accounting for about 0.1283% of the total issued share capital of the company, according to the repurchase amount cap of 150 million yuan.According to the calculation of the minimum repurchase amount of 100 million yuan, the number of repurchased shares is expected to be about 1.25 million shares, accounting for about 0.0855% of the total issued share capital of the company.