Running brother: Back to nantian ground wet restaurant ground anti-skid solution catering ground anti-skid treatment method

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# Beijing Headlines # Runner:Beijing back to south day slippery ground Restaurant antiskid ground plan Catering ground run to elder brother popularize knowledge of safety non-slip antiskid processing method Run to elder brother say ground non-slip, 2022-2-11, run to elder brother antiskid ground consulting Run to elder brother antiskid official account Household antiskid consulting Catering antiskid consulting as the saying goes, “the people to go to a restaurant to be without dinner now,Food to safety first “!To ensure food safety is the key, back to the south when the ground is wet, travel must be careful slippery.Ground safety is no small matter, ground anti-skid treatment is more important.Still want to start from safety hidden danger “source” ground safety health clean dining environment.For the arrival of old friends back to The South in 2022, be careful of slippery ground, whether at home or outside.In the south, there is often water in the restaurant, and the ground is very slippery, so it is very important to take anti-skid measures on the ground.Running brother organized the food and beverage industry, dining halls, restaurants, restaurants, restaurants, toilets, corridors, kitchen ground anti-skid treatment methods, as follows: coated anti-skid liquid cost-effective, fast construction, does not affect business.Anti-skid processing to the ground, at least 3-5 years can be used, do not destroy the original characteristics of the floor tile, non-toxic harmless, anti-skid mat can choose according to their actual situation, no matter color or size, affordable.But easy to aging, high cost, often need to use water or alkaline cleaning liquid cleaning.Until there is no foam, then dry or leave to air.Ground skid does not change the original beauty.The construction is convenient and the anti-skid effect is better with water.The more water there is, the bigger the water, the more scrub, the longer the anti-slip effect.Attention running brother: Daily share ground safety and anti-skid knowledge to prevent accidental slip and protect the safety of your family.This article by “Running brother skid” original first unauthorized retransmission # Running brother back to the south of the ground is too slippery treatment ## Running brother professional food ground skid ## Running brother back to the south of the ground wet treatment ## Running brother restaurant ground skid scheme #