How to convert GPA for Chinese students applying to Canadian universities

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To study in Canada, a very important application management index value is GPA, as one of the key teaching system in Europe and the United States, the teaching system of Australia and the teaching system of domestic universities have a certain difference, then Chinese students apply for Canadian universities, how to convert GPA?What are the GPA requirements?Besides the “hard task” of GPA, what other factors are also indispensable?What is GPA?The full English name is Grade Point Average, grade point is mark, therefore, GPA means (weight calculation) average.In some cases, it is also called CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average), which means the weighted average of the entire academic year.In addition, the overall GPA is the grade of all courses taken according to the above method, and the final 2-year GPA for the last two years will be the grade of each course taken in the final 2 years.Chinese students sometimes also give gpa’s for specialized courses.For undergraduate applications, students can also list their MS gpa(M/S GPA), which is their Math/Science gpa.Therefore, according to the definition, GPA = (Course Content 1 test score * Course content 1 gpa point 2 Test score * Course Content 2 GPA point 3 Test score * Course Content 3 GPA point)/Total credits Take the domestic credit system as an example, assuming that you have taken a total of 3 courses:70 for 4 credits in Mathematical thinking, 80 for 4 credits in Physics, and 90 for 2 credits in English.Your gpa, or weighted average, is :(70*4 80*4 90*2)/(4 4 2)=782.What is the Australian GPA algorithm?Every province in Australia, and even universities, are different.In addition, many provinces, such as Ontario, give students grades on a 100-point scale.3. Regulations for Australian UNDERGRADUATE GPA Application: In the undergraduate application process of Australian universities, there will be gpa regulations for each country, among which the REGULATIONS for Chinese students are generally more than 80 points, and the regulations for popular industries will be higher.PhD medical schools (for Chinese students: McGill University 85;Queen’s University 80;Ubc84), it is suggested that the gpa of the famous medical doctoral universities must be maintained at 85, and it is better to maintain 90.Comprehensive schools (for Chinese students: Simon Fraser University 70;University of Victoria 85;Waterloo university 85), accordingly apply for to deal with comprehensive famous brand university, must maintain 80, had better be to maintain 85 result.Basic colleges (Monty Allison college 80;University of Lethbridge 75), so the best way to apply for the basic category of prestigious universities is 80.If GPA is a tough task for applicants to study in Canada, then the categories listed below can be attributed to the innovative ability to request to improve the pass rate!Students don’t have to be careless about improving their overall ability while focusing on improving their test scores.Australian schools are required to provide students with a set of official materials, from the side to master the students’ comprehensive ability and academic level.2. Community practice/Work Experience Students who have overseas study tour environment or relevant internship experience are conducive to applying for Canadian universities.Generally apply for Mba or education graduate students in Australia, will require students to have the corresponding work experience, other technical majors for this matter and there is no provision.3. Personal Works Collection This regulation is for art students, such as design students, must make their own design works into pamphlets, to express the design ideas of works;Performance students, such as electronic piano professional students, must record video.Different technical majors, matching academic research regulations are different, innovative ability environment, overseas study documents, there are also certain differences, for example, art students are more inclined to advance preparation of personal works;Students of engineering majors should pay attention to the operational opportunities of the five squares of mathematics and physics.In general, some institutions have a policy on the questions of recruitment interviews or written exams, and the institution reserves the final decision.In addition to the above innovation ability, Canadian universities will continue to look at this level of students when hiring: 1.College environment: A university or university graduate from a reliable university in China. After graduation, students need to have a bachelor’s degree certificate and degree certificate certified by China.”211″ and “985” school students, students of the weighted average score of 80/100 or more.Double non-college students, the average score of 85/100 is more competitive.2. Language Expression Level Although Australia belongs to the Education system of North America, the language expression test is mainly dominated by IELTS and assisted by TOEFL.Students need to determine which test scores are accepted by the institution before they apply to the institution.Usually, students applying for postgraduate ielts can be above 6.5, TOEFL90 points or more.These two test items are not required for Canadian graduate students, but some prestigious universities may recommend that students take these two test items to select outstanding applicants: GRE for science majors and GMAT for business majors.The GRE usually suggests a score above 310 and the GMAT above 580.A good teacher?A prestigious university?Well-known companies?In May, we will launch the university of Gillette senior service platform, just to smooth your way to study abroad.Download the college app online and make an appointment quickly!