“Blue Fable” 13: the village road, the beauty of the company;Spy on the military situation, find out the truth of the town committee

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When I went down to the village this time, I took the Old Poussin.Willow catkins set out in a car with me.The driver turned out of the town hall onto a sandy road to Xikou Village.As the car bobbed and bobbed over the uneven sandy road, MY body swung and jumped in the passenger seat as if I were sitting on a slut’s stomach.Think of here oneself smiled first: return true don’t know to sit on the belly of slut is a kind of what kind of feeling?Is it a feeling of passion and passion?After seven or eight miles old Poussin stopped at a bend.Big Zhang said, “Qingxi has arrived.We could only drive as far as the stream, and we had to walk the other mile or so.Out of the car, see the stream is not wide, say more than three, four zhangs of the appearance, it is a bowl of pebbles full stream all over, between the pebbles no knees of the stream excited, singing the spring song gurgling flow.Catkins came to me and said that in autumn and winter, the water in the stream was not deep and the car could still go.In spring and summer, when the stream rises, it stops, and people have to wade through it.So he had to ask Da Zhang to drive his car back and come back in the afternoon.Then, he took off his shoes and socks with willow catkins and went barefoot to wade across the river, walking along the dirt road at the side of the mountain.And catkins walk side by side in the mountain path, suddenly feel the heart suddenly light up, the mountains are also in my eyes green light up.Both sides of the road were covered with colorful wild flowers.This is the power of spring ah!Spring is the season of love.Look at the blooming flowers in front of you, in fact, they are wanton and ostentatious sex devices of plants!Even animals and plants all know in the spring of the blossoming sexual apparatus, longing for the love of communication and comfort, not to mention our human beings — the spirit of all things?I can not help but from this man want to open, unsuspectingly feel the flowers in full bloom all over the mountains and mountains, in the Warm spring breeze tottering to wanton publicity, the interest of the charm and charm to the opposite sex to show their own.Such a spectacular and grotesque scene of sex, better than the Terracotta Warriors, better than the ancient Great Wall, that is exciting to sway the soul of the people!Think so far, not from looking back with a look behind the catkins.Liu2 catkin see I see her, think I have words to ask her, busy pass top a smiling face, the eye that can talk looked at me to ask: leadership want to say what?I want to say what, thought of oneself identity and environment suddenly however, busy suppress the spring feeling that swing on one’s mind, sought a topic randomly, chat with willow catkin, ah, willow catkin, ask you a problem, you can have to tell the truth to me!Don’t worry, Mayor. I promise to tell you the truth.Then tell me, I come to be the mayor of our town, is there any objection?Oh, a little.But only a few people.Are they Ma Shilong, Huang Mingliang and Guan Yunshan?Oh, you can see that, too?You’re standing in the way of progress!What do you mean?Be more specific.Tell the truth, is not you come when alcalde, I’m afraid Ma Shilong is alcalde, Huang Mingliang is deputy secretary, Guan Yunshan is deputy alcalde.They worked for a few years, but then you came and told them to stay put.Do you think they’ll be okay with that?After listening to the words of Willow catkin, I suddenly remembered Zhao Yibing said “occupy the bird hole” words, the in the mind not by a good unhappy: no wonder they are so cold to me rejected!I’m the one who got her seat!This is no wonder, in today’s most desired house, tickets, cars, seats, “seat” is the most people want to get the most affordable thing.With a seat, you have a house, a ticket and a car.So people for “seat” competition, almost to the point of unscrupulous.So, in a unit, there is often a “seat” many people scramble for trouble, but also there will be a “seat”, a string of changes in the phenomenon of personnel.That’s what’s happening in Clear Creek now.Unfortunately, the good thing of “affecting the whole body” was ruthlessly destroyed by my arrival.Usually I most hate this kind of “jam, cut in” person, unexpectedly now I also did this dishonorable role!I found myself smiling sadly.Master Shaw, you laugh when people hate your guts!What’s the use of hating me? I came down because I had to!I mean, how comfortable you are in a big office. Who wants to work in a poor mountain?Willow catkins, can you tell me about these people?Well — how can I put it?These are the kind of people who have power but no background.In terms of age, maslon is the youngest, most capable and most difficult to handle, capable of kicking, biting and twisting.This person is good use is a dragon, bad use is a worm, depending on how you use him;Huang Mingliang and Guan Yunshan were older and had worked hard.But these two people are different, Huang Mingliang is a only know buried in the cart do not know looked up at the road that kind of person, to put it bluntly is a doer;Guan Yunshan is a can deep “fierce zhang Fei”, the temper can be for you both sides of the rib, at all;Wrong but with you as a stranger, fire and water.What do you suggest I do?Hey, you are squatting big organ person, this also need I say?I want your advice!Well, I’ll tell you what.First, take things as they come and make achievements as soon as possible.Second, look for the opportunity to first guan Yunshan, Huang Mingliang, Ma Shilong this few people coadied.These few people in the town work ability is strong, influence is also great, win over the three of them, stability of qingxi town half the world.What about He Yufang, Lv Zhenguo, Xing director, huo Chairman?He Yufang is a person without what ability, just because it is liu county magistrate line, by the mayor raised the secretary.Marcel didn’t give her the time of day.He Yufang ma Shilong hate and fear, on the surface also have to rely on others.All you have to do is hold it and follow it.Lv Zhenguo is a good man, Xing Director, Chairman Huo are veteran, as long as you do not offend them on the line.Catkin words, I said a leng leng.I think Liu Xu’s analysis is profound and in place, and full of bureaucratic philosophy.The more I listened to it, the clearer and more moved I was: this woman really took me as a confidant, or she would not have introduced this to me.With that, I can make a living in Clear Creek!However, how can I repay the catkins in the future?Above all, the thing that goes to art school wants to do to somebody else!I just want to say her thing with willow catkin already had some eyebrow, who knows hears a burst of human voice however, the person of appearance of a few village cadres is far to meet.Looks like Xikou village has arrived…….(To be continued, illustrations from the Internet)