“Love group” hand in hand to help the poor, Xinmi City people’s Armed forces department for the masses to solve problems

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The year of the tiger lunar New Year, more than by moral models, model worker of love support group, in zhengzhou xinmi under the organization of the department of military equipment with oil, flour, fruit, such as Spring Festival couplets came to the city’s big Kui town kiln ditch village, special purchases for the 2 families trapped by illness and accident the compassion donation of 22200 yuan, let them live a happy auspicious.According to reports, xinmi city people’s Armed forces to help yaogou village 5 years, the cumulative investment and coordination of funds more than 2 million yuan, aid the construction of red star kindergarten, aimin health, national defense culture square, for the village group road installation 146 street lights…The introduction of 6 enterprises to solve the employment of more than 200 jobs, the village of 17 families registered difficulties three years ago has been achieved in advance of the well-off, why now there are villagers need charitable donations?In accurate help investigation process, the leadership of ministry of People’s Armed forces discovers 2 villager Zhang Yuchen, Wang Yanhui originally family is rich, but because of disease and traffic accident let them be immersed in desperate situation.The Ministry of Human Resources and Armed Forces, in accordance with the requirements of “taking off hats and not taking responsibilities”, formed a team to help the two special families.Zhang Yuchen is old, and suffering from diabetes, coronary heart disease, cerebral infarction and other diseases, gradually lost the ability to work.My wife contracted leukemia 4 years ago, and the family devoted all their treatment, but finally failed to save her life.Son Zhang Yanchao relies on the livelihood that hits odd work hard to maintain a family, because the daughter-in-law cannot stand the pressure of life, abandon the 3 daughters that go up respectively at that time kindergarten, primary school and junior high school run away from home…To let Zhang Yuchen’s granddaughter at ease to go to school, the ministry of people’s Armed forces sets up specially “81 grant” to subsidize, deputy minister Li Guangxi takes the initiative to form a pair of help with them, take out 1000 yuan every year to help life, visit regularly, help solve difficult problems.After the 7·20 storm disaster in Zhengzhou last year, all the people’s Armed Forces department donated 3,600 yuan spontaneously to Zhang Yuchen’s granddaughter Zhang Yingge, who is in the third grade of high school, encouraging her to study at ease and be admitted to the ideal university in the future.Zhang Yingge, who has been among the top students, said with tears in her eyes: “Thank you for the help and love of the PLA uncle. I will redouble my efforts to enhance my own skills and make greater contributions to the country and society while helping my father get the family out of trouble!”Wang Yanhui’s husband works for a large enterprise in Zhengzhou and earns a lot.On the night of December 1, 2018, her husband was killed in a major traffic accident, and she and her daughter Long Mengqi were severely disabled. The treatment cost nearly one million yuan.Wang Yanhui many times want to commit suicide in order to free, the armed forces officers and men to understand the situation, spontaneous donation of 9100 yuan to Wang Yanhui home, also many times to send rice, flour, oil, coat, quilts, heaters and other living materials, actively coordinate the relevant departments to her disability card, enjoy preferential policy in time,Encourage the family to build up the confidence and courage to overcome the pain.Liu Shunfa, former military section chief of the Ministry of People’s Armed Forces, devoted himself to national defense, loved the military and devoted himself to serving the country, and was honored as the fifth Zhengzhou Love and Dedication moral model and the first Moving New Secret person of the Year.After transferring to xinmi City civil Affairs Bureau, wang Yanhui’s care and help has never been interrupted, according to the policy provisions actively for their family relief procedures, every year also from their own wages out of 1000 yuan to fund details see: “love group” to help the needy, Xinmi City people’s Armed Forces department for the masses to solve problems – Dahe News