3 all-star players for the 5th time!The Warriors have made it to the Finals four times before!

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Draymond Green has been named to the Western Conference All-Star reserve team.That gives the Warriors three all-Stars.Before that, Curry and Wiggins were selected as starters in the Western Conference, making the Warriors not only the only team in the league to have three players selected as starters, but also the only team to have two players selected as starters.It’s worth noting that this is the fifth time in Kerr’s tenure that the Warriors have had at least three players named to the All-Star game.From 15-16 to 18-19, the Warriors had at least three all-Stars for four consecutive years, with 16-17 and 17-18 becoming the first teams to have four all-Stars in a row.During the 15-16 season, the Defending champions went 73-9 with Curry, Thompson and Green all making the All-Star team.In 16-17 and 17-18, the Warriors acquired Durant, adding another All-Star.Green failed to make the all-star team again in the 18-19 season, but the Warriors still had three players make the team.Over the past two seasons, with Durant out, Thompson out for the second straight season, Curry suffering a major injury and Green getting injured, the Warriors have been miserable, missing the playoffs for the second straight year and making only Curry an All-Star.This season, after shaking off injuries and finishing with a complete roster, the Warriors played so well that they finished second in the West, leading to multiple All-Star selections, including wiggins for the first time.Of course, the Only reason the Warriors have three all-Stars is because of injuries in the West, such as Kawhi Leonard, Tawley George and Tawley Davis, who missed out on the all-star game this season.Also, Green won’t play in the All-Star game this season because of injury.The Last four times the Warriors had at least three all-Stars and all made it to the Finals, the Warriors could make it to the Finals and win a championship this season, especially with Thompson back.